Friday, September 3, 2010

Writing Groups

I've never been part of a writing group before, online or otherwise, but I've recently joined one.  I was curious to see what I could learn from them and how I might improve my writing.  They posted a writing exercise today that I thought was very intriguing, because as simple as it is, it was something I never would have thought of doing.

The writing exercise was:

Write the first three paragraphs of your story five different ways: 
o Shocking
o Logical
o Peaceful
o Action-Packed
o (you choose)

Then the writer's would counsel you on which one they liked best and the strengths or weaknesses of each.

I loved this because it made me realize how differently the exact same story can be depending how you write.  It's very important to take into consideration the effect or emotion you are trying to elicit in your reader.  So, in the future when you are writing, pay attention to the goal of your writing.  Do you intend to shock your reader?  Try to make them fearful?  Make them fall in love?  Pay attention to how you''re writing, not just what you're writing.  

Just do it write now!