Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing Is Like Exercising

Writing is like exercising.  It's not so bad, once you start doing it.  Usually you end up liking it.  The problem is getting started.  Anyone who regularly exercises knows that it doesn't just happen.  You have to plan for it, and you have to do it!

Like excercise and most other things, it needs to be done regularly and consistently.  If you don't work out and then go on a marathon run to try to make up for what you haven't been doing along the way, chances are you'll get burnt out or not enjoy the experience (both of which will make you want to procrastinate once again!).  Whether you are working on a project or not, consistent and regular writing of some type is essential.

The cool thing about writing is that everyone is so different.  The same topic to different individuals will produce drastically different results.  Even assigning different individuals to write something with the same plot would result in two separate stories.  Need an idea about what to write? 

Today's Topic:  Describe Your First Brush with Danger

Just do it write now.